What we offer.

All of our courses and personal programs focus on improving emotional intelligence, stress management and the development of long-lasting happiness.

We use mindfulness as framework and fundamental tool, complemented by practices and strategies from the programs of Science of Well-Being, the most popular course in the history of Yale University, and Science of Happiness of UC Berkeley, pioneers in the study and application of the science of happiness.


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Mindfulness Foundation (8 weeks).

Learn meditation and other stress reduction techniques as well as emotional regulation and focused attention, with practical exercises that you can incorporate into your day to day from the first class.


Introduction to mindfulness (2 hrs).

Discover mindfulness and its benefits in this session where you will practice several meditation techniques. You’ll be able to clarify doubts and decide if mindfulness is for you.



Learn to meditate (2 hrs).

The perfect complement to Introduction to Mindfulness, in this course you will experiment with different techniques and postures, as well as learning practical advice to overcome obstacles and incorporate meditation into your day-to-day life.


Mindful coaching and personal programmes.

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Coaching that goes beyond achieving simple goals. Our individual programs will help you to redesign your life through strategies that adapt to your personal strengths, using a unique combination of mindfulness and design thinking as a framework for exploration and work.


Mindfulness and disability.


Mindfulness for family members and professionals. 

Individual or group sessions that will help you explore your relationship with people with disabilities, using mindfulness as a tool to reduce stress, increase self-compassion and learn to take care of yourself physically and emotionally, so that you can face challenges more calmly, with more perspective and positivity.



Mindfulness for people with disabilities.

Specialised sessions that teach people with disabilities strategies to reduce stress levels, as well as to understand, communicate and regulate their emotions and behaviours. 




Analysis of strategies and interventions that encourage the development of communication, inclusion, independence and the well-being of the person with disability in their home, social, educational and / or work environment.


Mindfulness in the workplace.


It’s no coincidence that giants like Google, Nike and Apple have developed their own mindfulness programs for their employees. Our courses and sessions for companies are designed to improve peer relations, stress management, focused attention and the well-being of teams and managers.


Meditation sessions for groups.


Whether you already have a regular meditation group or want to form one, we can help guiding the meditations, putting them into context and facilitating the sharing of ideas and experiences. We can go to your workplace, home or you can come to our space.