Make space.



It’s a Chinese tradition to clean up the house before the Chinese New Year (coming up next Tuesday 5th Feb). Their old saying: “If the old doesn’t go, the new won’t come” is a call to prepare for a new start, opening up to new possibilities.

So during the next few days leading up to the Year of the Pig, focus on at least one thing, one area where you feel you need more space and that is manageable and achievable, set a time to do it. Do it!


Physical clutter begets mental clutter. Having all that stuff around that you know shouldn’t be there, depletes your energy and motivation reserves -subsequently creating even more clutter- and negatively affects your ability to focus and process information.

A tidy space puts your mind at ease, gives you a sense of freshness and reduces stress and anxiety. So, it’s a no-brainer!


These are a few ideas of places you can get started with. And please remember when disposing of the unwanted stuff, make sure you do it in a way that is ethical and good for our lovely planet!

  • Office drawer.

  • Your desk.

  • Bag or backpack.

  • Your tupperware collection.

  • Underwear drawer.

  • Tool box.

  • The dining table (yes, it is there, under that pile of junk).

  • That cupboard (you know the one).

  • Ye olde box of forgotten sex toys.

  • Medicine drawer (check expiry dates and save yourself from future intoxications).

  • Shoes.

When you dispose of the stuff that no longer want, stop for a minute to consider the joy it can  bring to others and the new life that object is about to start.

If you need some extra ideas, Marie Kondo’s sparks of joy have now reached Netflix, so 2019 might the year of the Big Tidy Up!



Roll up your sleeves and go for a full on spring clean! And don’t forget to have pizza (or brownie) once you’re done.

Have fun clearing those dark spots in your homely home!

See you next week!


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