Smile (More)

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The Lowdown

We don’t mean sticking a fake grin on your face and go around like The Joker until you get cramps on your cheeks. This is about connection with other human beings, and smiling sincerely is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal.

Why is it good?

Besides the common sense that a good warm smile feels good to you and to the person it’s directed at, there are heaps of research about the benefits of smiling:

Some examples

We assume you know how to smile honestly without being fake or looking creepy, so here’s a list of ideas where you can let those pearls shine in all their glory:



  • Greeting your co-workers (yeah, even the boss)

  • When you order or pay for something

  • Entering an occupied elevator

  • At the person in front/behind you in a queue

  • At the monkeys in the zoo (and please please tell us if they smile back!)

  • At the bus driver

  • At a receptionist (doctor’s, office, etc)

  • To other passengers in public transport


Extra Brownie Points

Gather some goodwill and give a sincere smile to someone you normally wouldn’t.

Have a great week stretching those facial muscles and remember to share with us any comments, thoughts or questions you may have.

See you next week!

Kensho Life