Break A Routine

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The Lowdown

When you break a routine you force your brain (who is a repetition junkie) to wake up from that numb lethargy that comes from doing the same thing over and over again.

A simple change gets it to do extra work, the novelty makes you more alert and observing and you see things from a different angle. You become more present.

Why is it good?

It's during this process that new neural/neuronal pathways are being created -the essence of neuroplasticity- physically altering the structure in your brain. The better you become at it, the more flexible and adaptable a brain you will have.

Some examples

To break a routine you can:

  • take a different route to work

  • sit on a different seat for breakfast or for an office meeting

  • go to a new café for your morning coffee

  • try a new workout machine at the gym

  • get yourself something unexpected (challenging even) for lunch

  • ask the person at the counter how was their day, or week, and be ready to listen

  • buy your groceries at a different place

  • sleep the other way around (your head where your feet are, but make sure your partner is OK with this!)

Extra Brownie Points

Make a routine of breaking your routines!

Have a great week escaping those mind-numbing loops and remember to share with us any comments, thoughts or questions you may have.

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