Wish People Well (and Mean It)

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When you wish someone well and, instead of saying it mechanically, you truly mean it, your brain gets activated in numerous places, especially the prefrontal cortex, associated with social behaviour among other things, and the use of which is correlated with increased well-being and reduced anxiety.

So, during the following week, any time you wish someone a Happy New Year, or to have a good evening, or to enjoy their meal, pause before you say or type it, and focus on your intention to fully and honestly wish them well, meaning what you are saying. Not only you’ll feel good immediately, also you’ll be creating the building blocks for a long-term happy and resilient brain.


Extra brownie points: send your honest wishes to someone you don’t quite like. Even just having the intention will properly shake up those neuronal pathways!

We (really) wish that you have a great week practising this booster, and remember to share with us any comments, thoughts or questions you may have.

See you next week!

Kensho Life