Watch Yourself When You're Angry

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The Lowdown

Anger is a basic human emotion and one of the most powerful we have. It can throw us into such a state that by the time it’s over we might have regrets that last a lifetime. But keeping it inside could also be quite damaging. So what to do?

While anger is designed to protect us from immediate harm, it’s what we do with the generated aggression what counts. To begin dealing with it, next time you notice you are angry take a step back (if you’re not trashing the place yet) and simply say to yourself: “This is me getting angry.” How does it look like?

Why is it good?

Both trying to repress your anger or giving into it are bad for your mental and physical health. Acknowledging what is actually going on and taking perspective are the first steps to managing your reaction and start building a more solid emotional intelligence. It might be you’re overreacting and there’s an underlying problem causing it, or that your reaction is justified but you need to say a few strong words instead of throwing the TV out of the window.

Some ideas

Here are some situations where you can start checking on your anger. Starting small is the way to approach this, leave Godzilla for the final battle:

  • Someone jumps the queue

  • You are assaulted by other motorists’ driving abominations

  • A subordinate or provider doesn’t deliver to your standards

  • A client changes their mind rendering your hard work worthless

  • Your take-away hot soup is freezing cold

  • The computer plops off and you didn’t save your last hour’s work

  • The dipping chip breaks


Extra Brownie Points

Practice calmly recollecting a situation of anger and think about what you could have done differently.

Have fun spotting all those explosive moments!

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