Celebrate Love

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The Lowdown

Whether you can’t get enough of red fluffy hearts and glitter-covered chocolate boxes, or you have flashes of Genghis Khan’s army trampling over the entire mall on Valentine’s day, we all need love. Without it, we simply cannot be.

For this week’s practice, pick someone you love in your life (it doesn’t have to be your romantic partner) and do something nice with them to celebrate that love.

Why is it good?

Besides being needed for our very survival, having healthy emotional bonds is the key to flourishing in life, and love is the pinnacle of our species emotional connection.

Some ideas

Surely you know what’s that thing you and the person you love can do together, but just in case you want to throw something new, these are some ideas:

  • Take your son or daughter to watch a movie they might love and top it up with a tasty and greasy dinner to go through the whole plot.

  • Visit your mum/dad/aunt/old cousin and spend a nice afternoon with them.

  • Surprise your sibling, nephew, friend or partner taking them to a secret place (to do something they like of course!) bringing an epic breakfast to bed, preparing them their favourite meal…

  • Treat a friend to a hipster, sustainable, organic, overpriced coffee.

  • Get your creativity going, unbury the box of arts and crafts and make something together with your own two hands.

  • Cover yourself in (eco)glitter paint and take a Polaroid selfie for your family to awe at the level of your randomness (laughing is great for deepening that love bond).


Extra Brownie Points

Do something nice with or for that someone you love but with whom you have a more difficult relationship.

Have a week full of wonderful lovey-dovey!

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See you next week!

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