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The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human can alter his life by altering his attitude.
―William James

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The Lowdown

Sonja Lyubomirsky explains on her research that our happiness set point is:

  • 50% predetermined by our genes (thanks mum and dad!),

  • 10% determined by our personal circumstances (finances, marital status, etc.), to which we have some form of control, and

  • 40% our own doing, dictated by our own thoughts and actions, over which we have control.

That’s really good news! We can consciously choose happiness! Yay! This means we have the ability to choose what is best for us through the practice of intentional activities such as gratefulness, performing acts of kindness or avoid dwelling on problems. Happy people work hard at being happy, as Lyubomirsky explains: “such happiness interventions take work, because people easily fall back to their genetically-determined happiness set points”.

Not only that, the field of Positive Psychology explains that our predetermined happiness (or unhappiness) set point can be reset to a certain extent.

So, to celebrate the fact that we have a certain amount of control over our happiness levels, we invite you to join this coming Wednesday the #InternationalDayOfHappiness -, backed by some of the best organisations in the world promoting happiness.

So what better opportunity this week to get some happy action going?

Why is it good?

Ehm… we’re not going to explain why happiness is good, we all have a pretty good idea. But what we’d like to reflect upon the fact that we have more control over it than we think and remembering this can be very empowering, especially in moments of difficulty.

Some ideas

If lost, a good first step could be to join one (or all!) of these:


Extra Brownie Points

Tell your family, your friends, your boss, your pet, that woman at the café, your local MP (or equivalent), tell the world!!

Happy Happiness Day!

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See you next week!

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