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The Lowdown

The Earth provides us with everything we need to live and it’s the very reason why we exist. We believe all of us (humans) have a responsibility to care for this planet and all the living things in it, for ourselves, for the future generations and for those very creatures we are pushing towards extinction at alarming rates. Caring for this blue ball of ours, as well as showing that we care, sends a strong message to those who look up to us and to those who so desperately want our votes.

Join us along with millions of people around the globe next Saturday 30th March for Earth Hour - and celebrate the diversity of life on Earth. Hundreds of the world’s most iconic landmarks (the Empire State Building, the Eiffel Tower, the Sydney Opera House…) will participate!

The task is simple, at 8:30pm wherever you are in the world, switch off the electric lights at home, or join a local event near you.

Why is it good?

Integrity, or acting honestly while keeping strong moral and ethical values, is at the core of happiness. Taking action proactively on the things we consider good and part of our core values is essential to developing integrity. Without it, we might as well be a sea cucumber.

Some ideas

Here you can find a good few ideas on what to do, alternatively:

  • Paint your house in pitch black darkness and surprise yourself at the results the next morning!

  • Put love to the test by giving your partner a haircut in the dark.

  • Go see the stars, they are still there.

  • Have a romantic candle-lit dinner for two, or test your serenity with your toddlers dealing with burning wax and fire on the table.


Extra Brownie Points

Get friends and family involved!

Happy Earth Hour 2019!

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See you next week!

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