Celebrate your successes.



This is a powerful practice to override negative thinking patterns and build up a sustained motivation. Success is anything but objective: some people can be highly accomplished but might feel constantly defeated if they only focus on what’s left to do, rather than acknowledging how far they’ve gone. A good old tap on your own back will help you build up confidence and motivation to face new tasks and challenges.

During this week, focus on those little tasks you do well (but often go unnoticed even to you) and pause to celebrate having done a good job. You can even reward yourself with a little treat.


There is an evolutionary reason why we celebrate the good things and why it feels good. When something works out and benefits us, our brain gives us a dose of dopamine and endorphins to reinforce the behaviour. Just imagine how that clever monkey must have felt, after hundreds of attempts, when it finally cracked the nut open with a stone.

But it gets more complex, in a study published by Jessica Tracy and David Matsumoto, they show how pride is an innate emotion, how it is key for human progress and survival and how it can “boost creativity, encourage altruism, and confer power and prestige in ways that benefit us as individuals and as a society”. You can learn more about it on this podcast.


If you are currently low on motivation, it’s a good idea to start small and celebrate big! Here are some moments when you can practice this booster:

  • After going through that elongating list of pending emails

  • After cooking a nice meal

  • After separating your recycling

  • After commuting to work without insulting anyone (mental insults count too!)

  • After changing a bulb



Go all the way with your celebration, running around while tossing confetti over yourself. Should you need some inspiration, watch Captain Frodo’s hilarious routine.

Let’s celebrate!

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See you next week!


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