Write a letter.


“Letter writing is the only device for combining solitude with good company.”
– Lord Byron.



Do you remember those summers days when you grabbed pen and paper and, with that nice, school handwriting, you wrote a letter? If you do not know what we're talking about, you're probably a millennial and pens seem like a hipster complement to you. But keep reading, you might like this...

For this practice, we suggest that you write a letter to someone you think is going to be excited to receive it. The holidays are the perfect time to go back to that ritual of sitting down, thinking well what you are going to write because you can’t erase, writing with as few words crossed out as possible, finding the postal address, going to the post office for a stamp, licking it (that bitter flavor will take you straight to the 90's), sticking it on the envelope, and finally the magical moment of dropping it in the mailbox, thinking whether it will arrive or not and in the amazing journey ahead of it.


In a world where the quality and value of what we say is diluted by the great speed and number of conversations that we have, it is important to do an exercise that helps us to make the most of our communication skills, by giving a message the time and importance it deserves. Writing and sending a simple letter will help you:

  • Improve your relationships: think about the excitement for the person who receives it when she opens the mailbox and finds your letter among bills and junk mail.

  • Focus on the present moment.

  • Slow down and think about what you are going to write and how, in contrast to the quick WhatsApps and emails.

  • Spend time writing whole words, even whole sentences! It will do good to your calligraphy and grammar skills.

  • Express your feelings and emotions without emojis.


  • Sit on a terrace with a coffee or ice cream or something delicious and invest the necessary time to write. No rush.

  • If you're on vacation, send a postcard. Or make your own.

  • If you like to draw or calligraphy, use this opportunity to make a work of art out of your letter.



Start a chain of letters: ask the person you have written to write to another person.

Enjoy this lost art! (if you’re a millennial, give it a go!).

Vero and Enrique
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