Beat the post-holiday blues.



As the plane touches down on your city airport, or your town shows up on the horizon as you drive back, you begin to notice that all the vivid and exotic colours your holidays had are gone. Grey, eerie and even ominous become the more apt adjectives to your foreseeable future and you feel like making a u-turn and swear eternal loyalty to dehydration, patchy sun-cream and mojitos.

Re-entry is not always easy since we tend to think that “life” should only be made of holidays and all-inclusive buffets, while work/bosses/diets/deadlines/etc. are simply necessary evils. But remember it’s normal to feel that way, our brain is an indulgence junkie and will fight tooth and nail to avoid making any effort, but a wholesome life is only possible taking it all in: the pleasurable as much as the not so pleasurable experiences. This is a great opportunity to learn acceptance and understand that holidays are just another part of your life and just as important as any other time.


Unless you decide to never go back to your routine, this is happening. Accept it. It’s important to understand that this is a transitional period of adaptation and that, as everything, it won’t last forever. The more you resist it, the more difficult it’ll be.


There are plenty of things you can do to work with the post-holiday blues:

  • Incorporate something you’ve learnt from your travels into your life: find the ingredients and cook yourself that Okonomiyaki or learn to tango like you’re still in Plaza Dorrego.

  • Use the opportunity to make a positive change, start a new hobby or quit a bad habit.

  • Notice the simple, pleasurable experiences in your day-to-day, your senses are more awaken after the holidays.

  • Look at your life with new eyes and be thankful for what you’ve got, particularly if you’ve been to a country where there’s a daily struggle for many of those things we take for granted.

  • Make the most of the sunny days left and try to get at least 20 mins of outdoor sunshine.

  • Keep your body healthy: exercise, eat well, sleep well.

  • Book or plan enjoyable activities for the following weeks.

  • Reflect on the positive things in your life, particularly the fact that you’ve been able to go on holidays, not a luxury at everyone’s reach. 



Have a “back to reality” party with your depressed buddies.

Happy re-entry!

Vero and Enrique
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