We cease all social media activity.


At Kensho Life we are committed to sharing and spreading well-being practices that improve and create value for the community as well as for ourselves.

Social drug.

Social drug.

Considering the growing body of studies (references below) that evidences:

  • the harmful effects on well-being through continued use of social media as currently designed,

  • the negative impact on democracy through the manipulation of public opinion, and

  • the disregard of the owners to acknowledge or do anything about it,

we cannot keep using it without going directly against our own principles and mission. Hence we are ceasing all activity on Instagram/Facebook until there is a substantial change of policies and attitude, and when the science can support its benefits for the users at large. We are not against the technology and its actual and potential benefits, but currently we feel these are far outweighed by its damaging effects.

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Articles and studies:


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