More Bolivia: Potosi to Titicaca

After the unreal Uyuni and the lagoons of the Altiplano, we headed on yet more bouncy buses (you'll see a pattern here) to the small and colonial Potosí, with its dark history thanks to its abundant riches. We took another night bus to a workaway project in a Shamanic Ashram near Cochabamba, where llamas roamed and tropical birds sang in its idyllic gardens as we practised yoga or worked on our laptops. Of course from Cochabamba we took another bus to La Paz, this time with a borderline suicidal driver. If ever in our lives we've managed to radically accept reality and let go... this was it! When we arrived at La Paz we were feeling desperate to get out of there, it might have been the extensive poverty, the pollution, the height, the dirt, the mad traffic... As soon as we arrived, we took a mini-bus to the lush Coroico where we spent a few days looking at magical sunsets in the cloudy yungas. Finally we went back to La Paz again just to take another bus out of there, this time to Copacabana and the Island of the Sun in Lake Titicaca, our last stop in Bolivia before crossing to Peru.