Northern Argentina: From Cafayate to La Quiaca

Despite the exciting projects ahead, it was incredibly sad to leave Lau and Alex and get on the bus from Buenos Aires to Catamarca, where our first volunteering experience awaited. Luck (and sciatica) had it that our host couldn't have us there and we left on the very same day we arrived, then took a couple of buses to Cafayate and arrive late at night the following day at Fernanda and Julio's beautiful house. With them there were already two volunteers and great artists: Maria from Switzerland and Marcia from Holland.

Cafayate is a gorgeous place, with lush and arid landscapes side by side, and packed with glorious Torrontés, Malbec and Cabernet Savignon vineyards. After Fernanda left to Brazil to stay some time with her family and all the other volunteers had left, we enjoyed the produce of said vineyards on long dinners with Julio, philosophising about nothing and everything and putting the world to rights! Not all memories are clear, but they always bring a smile of joy to our faces! Don Julio, please remember to call your mum and take "el remedio"!

Alas, all good things must end, but our journey had to continue. So we hitchhiked from Cafayate to Salta, and spent a few days visiting the magical towns of Purmamarca, Humauaca and Tilcara, before heading on northbound towards La Quiaca, at the border with Bolivia.

Kensho Life