And so it begins!

We left to Buenos Aires on the 13th January 2018. A year of traveling around the world ahead of us.

At Buenos Aires airport Enrique's brother Alejandro and Lau came to meet us, the joy only slightly dampened by Iberia losing Enrique's luggage, which led to extremely amusing times watching Enrique wearing his big brother's clothes... after many efforts, it arrived 5 days later while we were in Calafate, overwhelming joy ensued. Alex and Lau took us on tours and fed us like we never ate before. They want to make sure we store enough energy for the coming months... We went to have an asado at El Secretito, celebrated Lau's mum birthday and visited our once distant and now close Argentinian relatives at Angelica and Facundo's, of course to enjoy yet another asado (Argentinian BBQ) and drinks in the pileta (swimming pool).

Kensho Life