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what we do

Kensho Life is a well-being platform for mindfulness and life coaching, offering personal development programs, talks, reflections, guided meditations and other tools that focus on cultivating emotional intelligence that can be applied to our daily life.

Our approach supports you in questioning your current choices and decision making processes, using practices and knowledge from the fields of psychology, philosophy, mindfulness and life coaching, backed with the latest research on mental health and neuroscience.

With the space and time to search for the right questions you will explore who you really are, get in touch with your true self and find your own answers to live a happier, fuller life. We help you find your Kensho!

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OK BUT... What DOEs KenshO MEAN?

Kensho is a Japanese term where Ken means ‘seeing’ or ‘vision’ and sho means ‘nature’ or ‘essence’. It refers to an insight or awakening that happens when you become aware of your own thinking patterns, reactions and emotions. When you get in touch with your true nature. It is from this place that you can act free from the constraints of fear and feel at ease, content and happy with the life you are living.
We believe it’s possible for everyone  to live a Kensho life. How about you?


Here is what Kensho means to us:

  • Kensho is the freedom to choose the life you want.

  • Kensho is that nagging feeling that tells you that things could be better.

  • Kensho is the Why not?

  • Kensho is that awkward slap in your face that you knew you needed.

  • Kensho is the elephant, Kensho is the room.

  • Kensho is scratching that existential itch.

  • Kensho is shaking things up and see what falls.

  • Kensho is finding the better version of yourself that can’t be shared on Instagram.

  • Kensho is waking up to yourself.

  • Kensho is finding your Kensho.

  • Kensho is asking yourself: What’s my Kensho?


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