What is Kensho?

Kensho is a Japanese term from the Zen tradition. Ken means 'seeing,' shō means 'nature, essence.' Kenshō is an initial insight or awakening.

  • Kensho is the freedom to choose the life you want.
  • Kensho is that nagging feeling that tells you that things could be better. 
  • Kensho is scratching that existential itch.
  • Kensho is the Why not?
  • Kensho is that awkard slap in your face that you knew you needed.
  • Kensho is the elephant, Kensho is the room.
  • Kensho is finding the better version of yourself that can’t be shared on Instagram.
  • Kensho is waking up to yourself.
  • Kensho is finding your Kensho.
  • Kensho is asking yourself What’s my Kensho?

Our Kensho

  • Our Kensho is enjoying a sunset without taking a photo. 
  • Our Kensho is a ginger ape happily swinging in the jungle.
  • Our Kensho is coffee and contemplation.
  • Our Kensho is not being afraid of making mistakes.
  • Our Kensho is eating that delicious extra ice-cream scoop without guilt.
  • Our Kensho getting lost.
  • Our Kensho is shaking things up and see what falls.
  • Our Kensho is a super ugly baby owl. 
  • Our Kensho is a screen free day.
  • Our Kensho is a cat’s look when you ask it to go fetch.
  • Our Kensho is making a home wherever we are.
  • Our Kensho is sharing our Kensho.

What we do

Kensho is a down-to-earth, accessible, inclusive and joyous mindfulness school and platform where we share practices and ideas for everyday life with the intention to help others live a happier, more fulfilling life.

Here you can find free tools and resources such as guided meditations, practical tips and personal reflections about mindfulness, useful for newbies to this wonderful world as well as for those who want to improve their practice.